Jason A. French

Northwestern University


  • Herrmann, P. A., French, J. A., DeHart, G. B., & Rosengren, K. S. (2013). Essentialist reasoning and knowledge effects on biological reasoning in young children. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 59(2), 198-220. [PDF]

  • Rosengren, K., & French, J. A. (2013). Magical Thinking. Oxford Handbook of the Development of Imagination. [PDF]

  • Tare, M., French, J., Frazier, B. N., Diamond, J., & Evans, E. M. (2011). Explanatory parent–child conversation predominates at an evolution exhibit. Science Education, 95(4), 720-744. [PDF]

Selected Presentations

  • French, J. A., Tumuluru, S., Walco, D. K., Sozzer, F., & Rosengren, K. S. (June, 2012). Age Differences in Young Children’s Attempts to Grasp Photos. International Conference on Infant Studies. Minneapolis, MN. [PDF]